Edom Baheru, a 25 year old Ethiopian female born in Jigjiga, identifies primarily as a performance artist of multiple traits. She finished her studies in Architecture from Addis Ababa University, in the hopes that it will equip her with the knowledge and skill sets needed to navigate the entertainment industry. She’s been able to get hands on experience in events, media and performance arts starting from her first year in college where she managed the campus Radio.

She has had the chance to work with incredible artists from around the world in collaboration projects, lead some of the most top stages in events and organize even bigger festivals. She’s a firm believer in Afrocentrism and a fan of modern innovations.

Coupling poetry, music, theatre and movement, she hopes to bring together an era of collaborative art with in the new generation of artists in the horn of Africa. In light of this, and besides her current projects, she is starting a show on artistic expression with Addis Insight, to be broadcast later in 2020.