Ethiopian Records born Endeguena Mulu is one of the leading lights of Ethiopia’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Sometimes using nothing more than a computer, Ableton software, a Push controller, he makes music inspired by traditional music from all over his country and continent. He experiments with traditional rhythms and traditional sonic palettes using electronic music making tool, to explore a future that is eternally Ethiopian and African. He names what he does “Ethiopiyawi Electronic”.

He has been carving sonic soundscapes for the past 18 years. Ethiopiyawi electronic (sometimes spelled Ethiopiyawi Electronic) is a genre that uses Electronic Music tools, and Music Technology to make music that is very deeply rooted in the music from all over Ethiopia. One of the main pillars of the genre is Azmari Culture.

Ethiopian Records has an electronic Azmari band called Azmari Synthesis that includes four Ethiopian traditional instruments, the masinqo, the washint, the kirar and the kebero. It is an extension of his Ethiopiyawi Electronic concept, it is a five electronic instrument band, four traditional instruments and Ethiopian Records’ compositions, productions, and machines. Ethiopiyawi Electronic is the name of the kind of music Ethiopian Records has been developing for the past decade and more, it is the extension of traditional music through experimentation. Azmari Synthesis have premiered at one of the biggest music festivals in Ethiopia where Ethiopian Records has performed a few times, Selam Festival.